Exclusive Casino Bonuses

Are you the one who is looking for something unique? Then, don’t pass by casinos, which, being really thankful for choosing them, show their gratitude in the form of special bonuses. In order to stay competitive, most casinos online offer not just standard bonuses, which are offered everywhere. Instead, clients are offered to enjoy exclusive bonuses. Agree, that the very name “exclusive” can make you feel happy. It is not surprising because it is a natural wish of every person to stand out from the crowd enjoying benefits. So if you have never heard about this kind of bonuses, check what it is and how it is possible to become a happy owner of an exclusive bonus.

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What Are the Types of Exclusive Bonuses?

Indeed exclusive bonuses may take different forms. What is “exclusive”? Every time saying that something is exclusive we mean that it is especially good. As for the bonuses, it is not difficult to guess that an exclusive bonus is provided with the especially favourable terms.

Standard options with improved terms. Such standard options like no-deposit or deposit bonuses may also belong to this category. Not to mention if they belong to the category of exclusive bonuses, they are given under the more favourable conditions.
A temporary high-roller status. Some institutions provide usual players with the temporary high-roller status. Sounds great, doesn’t it? Of course, every player would like to be a high-roller but not everyone can afford this. So choose the right place to gamble and be rewarded with such a status. As a matter of fact, high-rollers are those who can enjoy unique opportunities being treated as special guests who are always welcomed.
An exclusive promo code. One more type is a special code. Some casinos offer it to new clients sharing the promo code to get the bonus while other gambling institutions may offer this kind of bonus on a regular basis. For example, when playing a certain category of games, or on a weekly or monthly basis.

It is possible to divide exclusive bonuses into the following groups depending on the way they are provided:

  • Deposit reward
  • No-deposit special bonus
  • Unique bonuses for High-rollers
  • Free Spins
  • Better terms for certain bets
  • Loyalty programmes for existing players
  • Special event bonus (this can be either the casino’s birthday or the client’s birthday)

How to Claim an Exclusive Bonus?

Most gambling houses prefer generously to grant privileges in the form of exclusive bonuses to newcomers and loyal players. To get the bonus, you don’t have to take many efforts. The only thing you need to do is to register an account. Recently, the fashion for exclusive prizes with the introduction of a promotional code is gaining popularity.

But often this scheme also affects only novice players. For experienced gamblers, there is a loyalty program, which implies that the player has an account at the casino, which is a partner of the gambling institution you have joined. However, this method is not yet very often used by the creators of gambling platforms.

Exclusive Bonus Terms & Conditions

There is a category of people who consider reading the terms and conditions section just a waste of time. It is a misconception that you can use bonuses successfully without reading the requirements of the casino. Keep this in mind and better spend a couple of minutes getting acquainted with the exclusive bonus terms & conditions. What is included there? First of all, you should understand that the terms of getting and using privileges may vary from casino to casino.

Check the terms to know whether you feel fine with all of them. Take into account that when registering an account you will be offered to use a special promo code but it will be valid only for a certain period of time. Don’t make attempts to use it after it expires. One more thing to bear in mind is that in most cases such bonuses are provided for you to play a certain game online. Not the whole range of games is included in the list of the games where you can use the exclusive offer.

It is a must to read the terms for you to be aware of the wagering requirements. However, now, most casinos prefer giving no wager exclusive bonuses. Check the terms and conditions of the gambling institution you are going to join for you to be sure that they can satisfy all your wants and needs. Meeting requirements is a must, otherwise, you will lose a great opportunity to enjoy a special bonus.

Most exclusive bonuses have a “binding” to certain games. For example, a bonus can only be relevant for one slot machine or for all slots. Some bonuses apply only to card and table games. Be sure to check the terms of your exclusive bonus.

Remember, you deserve the best when registering your casino account! Join the reputable casino, which can provide you with the exclusive bonus and get started!

Exclusive Bonus FAQs: Get 5 Helpful Answers

Have a question about an exclusive bonus? Find out what most players are interested in:

The most significant feature that makes an exclusive bonus the best one is that it provides the player with certain privileges, which aren’t offered together with the standard bonus.

Every newcomer can enjoy this kind of privilege if joining a large reputable casino online. As for other clients, the casino will decide which of the players deserves getting the right to use the benefits, depending on the client’s activity on the site.

The promo code is intended to be used only once and in most cases, it is aimed to be used only when playing a certain game.

This information will be provided together with the bonus promo code mentioning the exact casino game you can use it for. These can be slots or any other games for real money.

If not reading the rules, you risk losing an opportunity to benefit from the bonus. The knowledge of the terms helps to understand how exactly you can use the offered privilege.