Poker Guide: from Start to Stars

Poker became very popular due to its simplicity. But don’t let be tricked, gameplay could be really challenging. You should become accustomed to such things as betting, calling, raising, and folding. We hope you’ve already learned basic rules and you find quite simple to determine how good each hand is. So, let’s talk about safe play and how to become a pro player.

Poker Guide: from Start to Stars

Before you start

Everyone has his own “first time”. The only advice here is not to play for real money. We think it is the way to get started. Most online casinos offer free play mode. It is very convenient to get accustomed to interface and gameplay while keeping you safe and calm. Obviously, you don’t need to worry about your savings and losses.

Before you find your own style, try different strategies. You could be surprised, but sometimes you’ll find new approaches that you could hardly imagine would suit you. This means one more advice for beginners: don’t stick to the only one strategy.

Always remember to control your emotions. It could be really challenging, especially when you win. You could get lucky, but don’t lose your head. Stay cool when you are up and especially when you are down. This will help you to concentrate better and, in turn, play better poker.
Just remember, poker takes a little bit of luck, but this will eventually run out and the skilful players will rise to the top.

How to avoid mistakes

Don’t you think that poker is just a game of chances? Of course, playing online casino’s poker you rely on RNG (random numbers generator), but anyway, a large number of skills are involved. If you often find yourself losing, maybe you make common gambling mistakes. Here we will highlight the most common mistakes made by new players. If you can deal with these mistakes, of course, you can greatly increase your chances of winning.

The first mistake is going all-in too often. Of course, there are cases when it works. E.g., you are confident you have solid hand and want to get players to fold. And it could possibly double your stack. But very often people bluff with the all-in. Going all-in with a bad hand is what many people call “bad poker”.

If you have a good starting hand, why don t raise pre-flop or bet high after the flop. If you have a great hand, then slow playing can work very well. However, when you do start placing bets in a no-limit game, they should not be too small. The main reason for that is to win reasonably. That won't be possible with bet small. Another reason is that you are giving incentives for many other players to stay in the hand. So other players will have chances to hit a hand that is better than yours. Try to master the art of betting just the right amount.

The right amount concerns not only under betting but over betting as well. Don’t be lead by the good hand. Other players could go all-in or lay down outrageous bets. We also should warn you that if over betting became your strategy, the decisions of your opponents could be simple like folding. That is why you won’t win. So good bets could be read if you have good cards or not.

And as we ‘ve mentioned folding. It is important to know when to fold.

Is there any best winning strategy?

As we stated above, use play money to check various strategies that suit you. Something that works for others maybe won’t work for you. Of course, one of the most important things is the cards. But the cards are going to be relatively the same for all the players.

While playing real poker body language can be used. Of course, you should master a complicated pattern of sad, happy, indifferent, ecstatic, angry, etc. Playing like an actor you could force your opponents to make a balanced move.

In the case of online poker, a player has basically four choices: check, bet or call, raise or fold. But any your move can read differently. Think about it.