Casumo player turned a £100 deposit into £179,669


This is the story of the one player from Finland, let s call him Mr. P. He managed to acquire a total of £179,669 over a period of seven days. He did all this with a single deposit of £100, playing 4 slot games.

As the team of Casumo told, Mr. P was definitely surprised being congratulated. As he told later, that was exactly what he liked most about Casumo, the ceremony and the friendly approach of the thrilling adventure.

What games led him to success you may wonder. He played Wild Swarm, Fat Rabbit, Diamond Mine and Sakura Fortune.

«I’ve never won this amount of cash before. Once I hit the first win I was at home watching football and playing on Casumo in the exact same time. Suddenly this big win message flashes up and I started to laugh. I turned to my wife and said: «I won pretty good» and was it» — tells Mr. P.

For the next times, Mr. P player kept on trying new games and got lucky 3 times. In total, he was able to gross a hefty £179,669. At the moment Mr. P don t have plans on what exactly to do the winnings.

«Maybe a little celebration, but nothing special. I prefer to utilize the money in a way that is great», says Mr. P.

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