Blackjack Guide: History, Tips, and Strategy to Play Online

The history of this game is kind of a mystery to us, as there is no exact information on when blackjack originated. According to one theory, this game is related to the popular in the 18th century French game Vingt-et-un (twenty-one). Nowadays, blackjack is the most popular card game, right after poker of course. People play this game in all existing online casinos. It allows all players using the basic blackjack guide to achieve success in the blackjack game.

Blackjack Guide

An online casino is an attractive place for many people in the world. Choosing the right place is not easy, especially for the beginners. You have to pay attention to various parameters, such as reputation and the quality of customer support. Before you start playing blackjack, scroll down and read our tips on choosing a reliable casino and a right strategy.

10 Useful Tips on How to Choose a Casino to Play Online

Read our article and follow simple hints on selecting a reliable online casino to play in.

  1. Make Sure the Online Casino Accepts Players from Your Country. Some countries may ban online casinos; in fact, you can register and play but if you win, the online casino won’t accept your residence. You can find and read this information in the casino’s terms and conditions
  2. Check If the Particular Casino Has a Good Reputation. In some cases, casinos may offer unlicensed games or refuse to pay out the money if a player won. Be careful and choose popular casinos with a high user rating
  3. Check the Financial Strength and Withdrawal Limits. Try to avoid small casinos because their motivation to cheat on players is very high. Many people think all online casinos are safe to play but it is not true. Be careful and check twice until you choose a particular casino
  4. Choose a Casino that Offers Your Favorite Online Games. Online casinos offer a pile of various games. If you prefer roulette, blackjack, or scratch cards, choose a place where you can play all these games
  5. Make Sure the Casino Supports Your Language. Most of online casinos translate their websites into many languages to involve more players all over the world. If you do not speak English, check if the casino supports your mother tongue
  6. If You Have Questions, Ask the Customer Support. Contact the casino’s customer support before you start playing for real money. Reliable customer support replies within several minutes. If you have asked a question, but nobody replied, better avoid playing in this place.
  7. Check If the Casino Provides Gamers with VIP Treats. When you play the same game for a long time, you can earn a special bonus. Usually, the bigger the casino is, the more you can earn. Some casinos do not provide players with VIP treats.
  8. Choose a Casino that Offers Welcome Bonuses to Clients. This is a great opportunity for new players to get more money. Usually, a new player who has just signed up, can get around several hundreds of pounds. Before you start playing, check this option on the casino’s website. (Video)

The Best Hints on Selecting a Strategy to Play Online

We also prepared for you two most popular strategies for playing blackjack games:

  1. Simplicity and Folding. Many players follow simple rules, according to which they try to reduce the probability of their losses. For example, many players, having received 12 points are afraid of getting 10 points (this is not surprising, because 10 is the most common card), so they decide to fold. But such a strategy will not bring profit all the time. For first moves, it can work, but then you have to use another strategy, such as the next one, for example.
  2. Doubling. The main point of the strategy is to double the bet after another loss, and then return to the original size of the bet after each win. For this game, you need three conditions, which are a table with an unlimited maximum stake, an impressive game capital and steel nerves, along with good restraint. As a result of the game with such a strategy, even after three losses and one subsequent win, the player will be in the black.

We hope that our hints were useful, and you selected a working strategy and a trustworthy casino to play in. Good luck in gambling!

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