Baccarat Guide: History, Tips and Strategy

What do you know about James Bond? A famous spy character that is now a symbol of courage, wittiness, and of course, he plays Baccarat! That’s why many still believe that this game is only for the smartest ones like James Bond is.

Baccarat Guide: History, Tips and Strategy

Baccarat History

The game is more than 500 years old. It was mentioned first in an Etruscan legend. A virgin used to throw a dice that decided her fate. A throw of the highest value, which is 7 to 9, would make the girl a priestess. A lower value would mean that she would not be able to participate in any religious ceremonies. And the value of 5 and lower would make her die in the sea.

It has a different meaning and different purposes now, but the origin is still there, in throw values and win-lose options.

Where Can You Play It?

Earlier, it was played in real casinos only, where only rich people had access. Now, however, with the development of many online casinos, anybody can play it. As long as you have a computer and can register an account in an online casino and make a deposit, you can start playing it.

Are There Rules to Follow?

Every game is based on rules. Baccarat has its own rules, and they are simple ones. In a land-based casino, 12 to 14 players can be participating. But in an online casino, all you do is just register, deposit funds, select the option and pay.

What Do You Bet?

What do you bet: a banker winner, a played winner or a tie? You can select one of these options. What do they mean?

The banker. This bet is one of the most popular. The payoff is 1:1 and the casino charges 5% of commission per win
The player. This bet is not so common, because the casino’s edge is usually higher for this kind of bet. However, there is no commission per win. The payoff is 1:1
The tie. Players love this bet, and if you check the conditions, you will see why. The casino’s edge is much higher than for the previous two bets, however, the payoff if 8:1!

How Does the Game Go?

A banker and a player are handed in 2 cards face up. Your target is a hand with a value of 9 or at least 8, the closest one to 9. You calculate the hand value based on the values of the two-handed in cards. However, if they both are digits, then, the value of the right card is considered.

So, the winner is the one who has a higher value. This is normally 9. If you get the value between 6 and 8, you are opted to stand, if the hand value is 5 and lower, you get one more card.

When the banker gets a hand of 0 or 3, it means, that the banker is hit. If he has a value lower than the player, he is hit, as well, even though the total hand value could be a high one.

Are You a Beginner? Here Are Some Important Tips for You

If you are a beginner, check some tips, that will make your gaming experience as safe and pleasant as it is possible in gambling:

  • Before you deposit any funds in an online casino account, check, if it is a reputable and regulated casino.
  • We recommend you to wait with tie bets because they might be too tricky if you are just starting playing.
  • Do not purchase any winning systems or strategies, because Baccarat is not a skill game. It is a matter of pure luck if you win or lose.
  • Set a particular budget and never go beyond that.
  • The more desks are involved in a game, the less winning chances you have. Hence, checking, how many desks are involved, might be crucial.

As you can see, Baccarat isn’t as complicated as it might seem at the start. Practice with a small sum, and enjoy your gaming!