Free Blackjack Games

Are you going to build your own theme park with blackjack and hookers? Dreams may come true for not only for lucky ones, but for dogged, too! That is why you should definitely test Free Blackjack Games before you make a posit to your casino account. New to Blackjack? Become a Blackjack Games master with our comprehensive review!

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Online Blackjack basics: in 21 we trust?

Blackjack has been a widely known card game since the 17th century. Just imagine impenitent pirates sitting on their Queen Anne’s Revenge and playing Blackjack! If you decided to drop the anchor in Blackjack sea, you should remember that your main goal in this game is not to get the 21 points, but to beat the dealer.

General Blackjack rules:
  • Cards. While you play Blackjack, you can notice that dealers use 52-card decks. Their number in use vary from 1 till 9. The more decks dealer uses, the less is the possibility for you to win. All cards with numbers correspond to their value, face cards count as 10. Aces count as 11 or 1.
  • Hands. The dealer gives every player the cards and two cards for himself. The sum of your points is called the ‘hand’. You can play with 2 hands ( as 2 players) when you’ve got 2 cards with similar points and decided to split.
  • Winnings. If you have more points then the dealer, your win will be equal 3/2 of your bet.
  • Insurance. If you notice that dealer has an ace, you can ask for an ‘insurance’. You may bet not more than a half of your bet amount for the insurance, but it also may help you to stay with some money if dealer wins.
  • Double down. You can place the best of 2x of the fist bet amount and get one more card.

Find your favourite: types of BlackJack Games in online casinos

Classical types of Blackjack
  • American Blackjack: dealer has the one card open to other players, the other stays face down. When the open card is an ace, the dealers open the second one and if it’s blackjack, the game ends.
  • European Blackjack: the dealer will see his second card after players finish the set.
Special types of Blackjack

When you’ll play in the online casino, you’ll notice that they offer a wide range of Blackjack games, including Blackjack in the open (Double Exposure), 3-Card Blackjack, Blackjack Switch, Spanish 21, Caribbean 21, Super Fan 21, Pontoon, etc.

Live Dealer Blackjack

You may notice many types of Blackjack games at your favourite online casino, but all of them can be kind of ‘video games’. That means you’ll be playing with a computer, not a human. If you want to play with real people try Live Dealer Blackjack games.

Online Blackjack strategy overview: Beating the dealer

While playing Free Blackjack games you can test different strategies and spend no money on them! Do strategies claimed to be good ones really perform? Are bad strategies really disappointing ones? That is up to you!

Blackjack strategies said to be good:
  • Plus/Minus. Winner, winner, chicken dinner, huh? If you remember the "21" movie with Kevin Spacey, you’ll surely try to test the strategy he used to "disrupt" Las Vegas. Different cards have different points of winning possibility, the higher their sum is, the more chances to win you have. Cards from 2-6 count as "+1", from 7-9 as "0", others – "-1". Mistakes may cost an arm and a leg 🙂
  • Counting with a "half". Of course, not every card will provide you with an equal possibility to win. This system has taken that into account and improved the Plus/Minus one. Nevertheless, it may be very hard to count with fractions, and mistakes might occur more frequently then wins.
Blackjack strategies climbed to bad:
  • To copy the dealers behavior.
  • Not to take one more card.
  • Thinking of the dealers' hidden card as a 10.

Blackjack Games FAQs

Luckily, online blackjack games are all the same as classic card games, including US and European variations. Jackpots are also available for blackjack. Moreover, with an online casino, you can play variations on the classic blackjack. More information you can get in a particular casino. Also not to mention live dealer games. They are also available.

The main thing you should remember about online games that they use RNG (Random Numbers Generator). Every single deal is made according to RNG, so you can't count cards. But it is possible to count cards with live dealer games.

Martingale system is often used when playing blackjack. It is aimed to cover all previous losses. So basically you double your bets every time you lose. But don`t forget to look after your bankroll and double-check maximum bet amounts before you start.

If you search your favourite casino for blackjack variations you will definitely find games that allow players to play more than one hand at the table. Some games allow players to play two hands while others allow for more.